Welcome to the FCC-ABS

The Florida Caribbean Chapter of the ABS founded in 1991 is dedicated to disseminating information about tropical, sub-tropical & temperate bamboo species.

A welcome letter from your directors

We are so fortunate to include such diversity in our community as we span from Northern Florida at zone 8 to south Florida zone 11 and the Caribbean zone 12 plus. This gives us such a wide range of bamboo plants to talk about and so much more to learn. While our board currently is located in Central / South Florida we welcome all of our members to participate and create meet ups so that we can really nourish our bamboo community and share our passion with new members.

Our mission is to promote the use and love of bamboo in it’s multitude of uses through education and community.

Our chapter has been on hiatus for a bit but we are up and running and want to meet all of you. We also want to grow our membership so that we can sponsor annual art competitions, regional round ups, and hands on educational workshops. Please share us with any who might be interested in joining our bamboo family. As always membership can be completed through www.bamboo.org and choose Florida / Caribbean chapter for your home group. The national ABS sends out a quarterly magazine and here in Florida we communicate through email monthly.

Currently we are meeting once a month at the Bamboo Leaf Tea farm in Central Florida. We are sending out newsletters to members that give all the details and highlight the events after the fact. We understand that meeting up is a personal decision and hope that these newsletters can connect us during this time when things feel quite distanced. In the future we will be hosting these meetings in other locations so that everyone can at some point find a meeting not too far from where they are.

We are all passionate about bamboo and want to encourage the growth and promotion of bamboo in Florida and the Caribbean.

Thank you and we wish you well,

Shanti and Samantha

General bamboo questions & species identification

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