SCHIZOSTACHYUM is a tall or shrub-like tropical genus. Clumping, sometimes climbing. Nodes are usually un-swollen, culm walls thin. Continuously produce flowers without dying. Rarely sets seed.

Genus speciesMax HeightMax DiameterMinimum TemperatureComments/Description
S.brachycladum (yellow form)45′3″?Yellow with green stripes. Erect and tight clumping.
S.brachycladum (Green)45′3″?Culm green with narrow darker green longitudinal striae. Persistent culm sheath. 
S.glaucifolium65′4″?Vivid, dark green stripes on erect lime green culms.
S.hainanense16′1.5″?Long internodes. Branches long and slender. Top drooping or scandent.
S.jaculans30′1.25″39FErect culms are tight clumping. Internodes can be over 3 feet long. It seldom flowers. May be synonym for S.lima.
S.lima40′3.5″?Erect culms with very long internodes and drooping tips. Green with yellow stripes.
S.lumampao55′3″?Philippine native. Culms are straight and thin-walled with no low branching
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